Sunday, 13 January 2013

Where did 2012 go?

So...I took a little break from the blog! But where did 2012 go? I last posted in September and can't believe where the time has gone! Somewhere around here I guess....

Make a Statement event SouthGate Bath
We had a lot of fun doing this in October

A busy end to the year with....
A little pool party with girls for Mr C's Birthday and more Birthday celebrations with Miss C

A touch of brightly inspired interior styling

Perhaps a purchase here or there and a little treat on my Birthday 

Fresh Winter country walks 

Modelling for an 8 year old sleep-over......Making Popcorn & Humous

Styling some well deserved ladies to the height of confidence

Shopping for bridesmaid type outfits is hard work

The birth of my beautiful niece - long awaited Mimi 

New Years Eve with some of my favourite people 

Finally, the immensely stylish, well planned wedding we've been waiting for...Mrs B-C finally tied the knot in her stunning Sottero gown

Now back down to earth with a thump!!

Looking forward to 2013 and the many spectaculars it will bring. 
London Fashion Week, Bath in Fashion, Bristol Fashion week and plenty more in the line up for Spring 2013. 

I'll be back with more soon :)