Monday, 30 April 2012

10 things I tell myself everyday...

On receiving a meme from fellow blogger Lucy at ‘It’s a mummy look’ I had never before considered sharing these thoughts with my readers. I might tell myself these things, but as you’ll see I rarely carry them out. I kinda added a tiny little extra one on the end too, crikey, I could go on and on...
I've passed this on to fellow bloggers in the hope they will give us a giggle: Annie by Amy    Matt Ward 

What do you tell yourself everyday?

I’m going to bed before midnight. Every single day. I tell myself this without fail. It rarely happens. I am often working, time watching, key typing as fast as possible, getting distracted on twitter. Then all of a sudden - the clock strikes 12 and my mood changes as quick as Cinderella’s gown. Disappointed I won’t get my much needed beauty sleep, and so the next day I try again.
I’ll be up at 6am for a run. Of course, the pre-mentioned sleeping arrangements often result in less than 7 hours sleep, the alarm goes off, it goes on snooze and more often than not, I don’t get that much intended fitness my body craves. On rare occasions it happens, but only of course if I get to bed early.
Focus. I’ll admit, I’m easily distracted. So this is something I have to tell myself more than once on a daily basis. If I don’t, all hell breaks lose! I’ll be lucky to finish this before getting distracted by an email or phone call.
One coffee. Often the lack of sleep results in trying to keep myself alert and focused of course (viscous circle I know). I do like a good old skinny latte with a fat shot of caffeine, so I’ll try and stick to one but have discovered the de-caffeinated variety is just as tasty, even though it doesn’t keep me awake. It’s all in the mind...
Two Biscuits. I reward myself for working so hard and following a super diet (less carbs, more greens and all that) by eating biscuits most nights with mint tea...two, three, four, and before I know it, I’ve demolished about eight! I really am trying to stick to just two. 
Don’t stress. My dad recently emailed (following an email I sent him ridiculously late at night) and his first line was ‘Don’t stress, the world will still be here tomorrow’ I’m not easily stressed, but I do like to get things done and won’t go to bed until they are. I love this phrase so I’ll tell myself everyday. 
Save more, spend less. Im a notorious spendthrift. Always have been. When I was young my pocket money was always spent on music, clothes & sweets while my sister saved hers (‘boring’ I always thought). Now I’m a grown-up I feel I need to be a little more sensible with my money and try to save as best I can for that rainy day. Until I pass a beautiful pair of shoes calling my name...
Do I really need this. In connection with my request to save money for the ‘big’ things, I try to justify my purchases much like I would do with my clients, I tell them to consider their purchases carefully before spending money on clothes they don’t need. If I tell my clients this, I really should listen to my own advice!
Keys, money, phone. Strange but true. I’ll never left the house before telling myself this. My phone is my lifeline, I won’t get anywhere without my purse and I’m buggered if I forget my keys - my front door is self locking!
Never give up. I have a card sitting on my desk with this phrase. It’s something I was bred to believe along with ‘you can do it’ and ‘no such word as can’t’ and all that. It gives me the determination we all need to succeed. 
Smile. It costs nothing. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Converse or Superga?

Ok, so I need to update my yummy mummy selection of casual footwear. My old converse are falling apart, scruffy and in need of an update. However, dare I say it I'm a little over the converse thing. I know, they're classic and look great, very popular etc etc.... But I do like the look of Alexa's favourites: Superga.

What do you think: Superga or Converse?

Friday, 6 April 2012

Love this Reiss 'Dion' belted open back dress, whilst researching for a client. An absolute must have, easy to wear dress for summer. Perfect work wear too.

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