Saturday, 1 September 2012

Vintage, Charity or Junk?!

I'll admit I'm not the biggest charity shop fan when it comes to clothes, but with her inspiring blogs of nothing but the sort, Vintage Amy has made me look at second hand finds in a new light. 

Today, I found myself wandering (yes I was child free, with time on my hands!) the Gloucester Road in Bristol feeling like I was back in Portobello. I don't often have the time to even explore the delights of recommendations from clients, colleagues and friends, but with my far-too-tall-and-beautiful interior designer friend, Michelle and I found some absolute beauties in junk shops, charity stores and vintage boutiques.

So although I wasn't an avid fan before, I'll certainly head in that direction again for some creative inspiration, eccentric characters, good coffee and rare finds.  

With thanks to Vintage Amy for introducing me to her local vintage-esque charity favourite Clic Sargent (see Vintage Amy's blog a couple of days ago) I found a lovely blouse for £8!